From Fortuny to Versace. 100 Years of Italian Fashion
From Fortuny to Versace. 100 Years of Italian Fashion
June 15, 2021 — September 30, 2021

From Fortuny to Versace. 100 Years of Italian Fashion

The exhibition features valuable exhibits from Alexandre Vassiliev's Foundation and from the collection of the Fashion Museum – masterpieces created by Italian fashion designers throughout the 20th century and at the beginning of the 21st century.
Italy has been a fashion trendsetter since Renaissance, when Venetian, Florentine, Genoan and Milanese silk fabrics, especially, the expensive and splendid velvet, were the most coveted and costly goods. Even at the time Paris had become the capital of fashion, Italy still tempted and inspired.

In our days Italy has gained the status of the most stylish country in the world and its fashion centre – Milan – is a recognised fashion city alongside Paris, London and New York.

The name of the exhibition marks the road from the beginning of the 20th century, when the brilliant artist, inventor and fashion designer Mariano Fortuny worked in Venice, to the sensational entrance of Gianni Versace into the world of fashion.

Starting from 15 June exhibition will feature 12 dresses from Fashion Museum's collection including stunning dresses designed by Emilio Schuberth, superstar of the Italian fashion of the 50s.


individual, unguided tour 7€

groups 6€

pupils, students and seniors 5€

guided tour 20€

children under 5 years – free admission