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Bringing back small souvenirs from a person's travels is a tradition that started a long time ago. Initially there were amulets to protect travelers on the road, or special pilgrim badges which showed that the wearer was not a tramp but a person fulfilling a high mission. The more remote and exotic the country, the higher the value of the object that was brought back from the journey. At the time when there was no photography, small souvenirs were the only way of testifying that a person had really visited far-away places and had indeed seen everything with his own eyes! Today, we still keep up this beautiful old tradition of bringing home small items that attracted our attention during our trips: jewelry, scarves, tea-cups, statuettes, and even pebbles.

Be sure to partake in this tradition by taking a little piece of the Rīga FASHION MUSEUM back home with you! All these unique souvenirs made on the basis of the collection of Alexandre Vassiliev – the third largest private collection of clothes and accessories in the world. There are also a variety of books on fashion history written by Alexandre Vassiliev in our museum shop. We can't wait to see you in the museum!